Field Trips

Girls Who Code Field Trips

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute was a fun and educational field trip for the members of our club.

They were given a history of some of the different kinds of ships and vessels including the Alvin, a human occupied submersible vehicle, REMUS, a programmable robotic vehicle, and the Sentry, designed for operations on the seafloor to over 19,500 ft. They also learned about the different moorings and buoys used around the world to help study the ocean. We toured the "back rooms" and were able to see first hand where the scientists worked.

The girls had the opportunity to go on the docks
to see some of the ships including the Atlantic that
carries the Alvin and the Neil Armstrong. After the
tour they walked to the Ocean Science Discovery Center
to see some of the vessels. It was a great visit and
everyone learned a great deal

DELL/EMC in Hopkinton, MA

It was a great program, we went on a tour and participated in many hands-on activities. There were many speakers that were very enthusiastic. They stressed the importance of girls in the computer science fields and encouraged the girls to keep it up.

DELL/RSA in Bedford, MA was our second trip to DELL

We were able to tour a secured area and see robots in action. We learned about internet security and what to watch for, what to avoid and how to be safe online. 

We also heard from a panel of 6 women who work at Dell in management. These woman were awesome and offered some great advice and empowering messages. They shared their stories regarding education, how important it is to work as a team, being transparent, being true to yourself, working hard, being flexible with your goals, and so much more. 

Overall I was impressed, and impressed with our girls as well.

Facebook was very gracious and allowed us to visit their Cambridge campus. We were the first ever group to tour!

It was "over the top" impressive. Yes, we All want to work there. Our tour guides were informative and thorough with their tour. The employees have many outlets to take breaks and rejuvenate. Management is not worried as the employees love their jobs and take it very seriously. 
We were treated to a fabulous lunch in their cafeteria. We collaborated with the Dennis Senior Center to secure a bus and driver to drive us to Boston. 

Name of the cafeteria

Offices are decorated according to the city they reside in

Interesting drawing in the hallway, done with a sharpie

The meeting rooms all have cool names,

The music break room! 
One of our tour guides! be the hero

Secret Room behind the bookcase

Lunch with a view

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