Field Trip

Girls Who Code Field Trip

Recently the members of our "Girls Who Code" club were able to visit the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for a fun and educational field trip

They were given a history of some of the different kinds of ships and vessels including the Alvin, a human occupied submersible vehicle, REMUS, a programmable robotic vehicle, and the Sentry, designed for operations on the seafloor to over 19,500 ft. They also learned about the different moorings and buoys used around the world to help study the ocean. They toured the "back rooms" and were able to see first hand where the scientists worked

The girls had the opportunity to go to the docks
to see some of the ships including the Atlantic that
carries the Alvin and the Neil Armstrong. After the
tour they walked to the Ocean Science Discovery Center
to see some of the vessels. It was a great visit and
everyone learned a great deal

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